• Driver Behaviour: We have the tools, to provide actuarial scoring for drivers
  • Engine Data: We provide key data from the vehicle like ODOMETER, Fuel reading, engine faults, CO2, battery health
  • Performance Indicators: Save Fuel, Reduce Maintenance Costs & Accidents, Lower Operational Costs
  • Journey Management: Route, Waypoints, Stops, Start/Stop, Geofences, Time, Duration, Speed etc
  • ProActive Vehicle Maintenance: Know when there is a problem with the vehicle and all of its components as well as driver and vehicle maintenance


  • Bad Drivers are: +70% more likely to have a car accident, +30% more fuel consumption, +20% higher vehicle maintenance.
  • Engine Alerts:Avoid breakdowns Avoid expensive repairs Achieve greater operational efficiency.
  • Ideal Tool to monitor:Sales Staff, Technical Staff, VIP, Delivery, Security, Emergency.
  • Reduce Costo& Abuse:15% Fuel Costs, 10% Maintenance Costs, Insure Costs
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance:Costs Components and Replacements Per Km, Time or Hours.


  • Insurance Discounts:As you reduce risk, get monetary rewards from your insurance company.
  • Trafic Information:Information on toll roads & charges,Parking Spaces, Profeco Certified Petrol Stations, Road status (e.g. roadblocks).
  • Routing & Management:Optimal Route
  • CO2 and Carbon Footprint:Pre-verification alerts, Know what your Carbon Footprint is.
  • Marketing Campaigns:As you reduce risk, get monetary rewards from your insurance company.
  • SOS Alerts & Recovery:Location & Emergency Services.


  • Big DATA Capabilities:Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.
  • Internet of Things:The inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices").
  • Connected Car:Car that is equipped with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share internet access with other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle.
  • UBI:Telematics insurance works by fitting your car with an OBDII – that records speed patterns and distance travelled. The technology can also monitor braking and cornering to build up a picture of your driving style.